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Sage wisdom for the ages:

As soon as you concern yourself with the "good" and "bad" of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Morihei Ueshiba

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(Geez, what do I think?GlobeAni.gifThe Eccentric OneGlobeAni.gifThe whole world revolves around me?)

Welcome to my very own off-the-wall hometown !

At the moment, this cute little chunk of web space is a lot like thousands of other web pages out here Mainly, it's a compilation of linx - to compilations of linx - to compilations of linx, ad infinitum What makes this page just a leeeetle bit different from everyone else's (aside from the intense graphics) will be my attempt to define who I am by what I link to In the foreseeable future, everyone (myself included) will get a pretty good idea of what makes me tick Actually, this is something akin to creating a cyber-me, the sum total of all displayed linx will eventually accomplish this, I predict In the meantime, this on-going version will at least present a synopsis of this cyber-person, the Reverend M, while providing a launch pad to some of the web's more scintillating sites (strictly my opinion!)

Please try to contain your excitement… RevMani.gif… (Unless you're a happy, healthy, Southern California girl born in the 1960's. In that case, stay excited & e-mail me immediately. Maybe we were meant for each other! )

Independence Day

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Personalities . . .

Elvis PresleyDinoMarilyn MonroeGumbyRichard Nixon.gifCheech & ChongKathy IrelandHoward HughesJack NicholsonPigs In Space BeatlesClint Eastwood3 StoogesLed Zeppelin



Entertainment . . .

AngelsMoviesGolfScience FictionComixAviationHorse RacingTVBilliardsSouthernComfortBowling12 TeesSan DiegoBooksNASCARRock 105.3LottoFree Stuff !ZOOMShareWare


~Billiards~Comfort~Bowling~12 Tees~SanDiego~Books~NASCAR~Rock 105.3~Lotto~FreeStuff


Collectibles . . .

Action Figure TimesAntique RadiosTV MuseumBoard GamesStamp Collecting45'sStar TrekDr PepperSupermanJanus FundsCoin Collecting59 DeSoto


~Records~Trek~DrPepper~ Superman~Janus~Coins


Localities . . .

San Diego ZooParisMapBlastLas VegasDisneylandRoute 66AAACornish Pixey

National ParksEgyptGORPTravel



Enlightenment . . .

PeaceNet Atheists National Rifle Association National ArchivesLibertarian PartyMuseumsLibrary Of CongressWorld War IIRed CloudNational Aeronautics & Space AdministrationVoteFederal GovernmentNeoTechRoyal Air ForceWWW Virtual LibraryLet's Get SmallRene MagritteAmerican Civil Liberties UnionWeatherFind-A-MateAikidoDon't Tread On MeMira Costa CollegeLanyon QuoitUnited States ConstitutionAchooUnited States MilitaryUniversal Life ChurchGreenPeaceZNetFree SpeechPrivacyNaturists

Peace~TNA~NRA~Archives~ Libertarians~Museums~LOC~WWII



~Archeology~Constitution~Health~US Military~ULC~GreenPeace~ZNet~Privacy~NaturalismSearch.Com.gif

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NoJesusNoHowNoWayNoThankYou………….EuckCDA (but it sure looks like something else, doesn't it?)…..…….. AnarchyAward

NO HAYSOOS ! - Just to let you know that my "title" has no connection whatsoever to good 'ol god-fearin' religion as you know it….. it has to do with a way of life, Wilbur !!!

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